4 Questions to Ask When Looking for Commercial Drying Equipment

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4 Questions to Ask When Looking for Commercial Drying EquipmentIt’s natural to have a lot of questions in the aftermath of a major flood or pipe leak. Will my home require structural repairs? Should I worry about mold growth? How can I minimize the cost of restoration?

The easiest way to get the answers to these questions is to contact a restoration specialist. At Allied Rental Company, our expert team can evaluate your property and help you create a plan to restore your home to its pre-disaster condition. We also carry a line of commercial drying equipment, including dehumidifiers and air movers, which you should apply as soon as possible to minimize the damage and reduce the overall restoration cost.

Even if you’ve already extracted the standing water, it is crucial that you use emergency drying equipment to prevent dry rot and mold growth. If you need help finding the right unit for your needs, call us today at 415-644-5792.

Read on to learn the answers to four questions you should ask when comparing commercial drying equipment:

1. Is the Unit ENERGY STAR Certified?

Some dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they are designed to minimize power consumption. ENERGY STAR-certified dehumidifiers typically consume about 15 percent less energy than conventional dehumidifiers.

2. What Is the Power and Capacity?

Dehumidifiers and air movers are available in a wide range of powers and capacities. The right unit for your needs will depend on the size of the room you need to dry and its degree of wetness. If you are drying a large room (about 2,000 square feet) and the room is still wet, you should look for a dehumidifier with a capacity of about 37 pints. The recommended capacity is lower for smaller and drier rooms. For instance, a 500-square-foot room that is relatively dry might only need a dehumidifier with a capacity of 10 pints, which should be cheaper to rent or buy than a larger dehumidifier.

3. Does the Unit Have an Automatic Defrost Function?

There are all sorts of extra features available on dehumidifiers. One of the most valuable is the automatic defrost function, especially during San Francisco’s frigid-cold nights. As its name implies, automatic defrost prevents the unit from freezing over when the mercury dips.

4. Is the Unit Easy to Carry?

As the saying goes, “Work smarter, not harder.” If you’re renting an air mover and you need to dry multiple rooms or multiple sections of a large floor, try to find a unit that is light and easy to carry.

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If you need emergency drying equipment after a flood or pipe leak, browse through our website to compare our hand-selected product line. If you need help finding the right unit, call us today at 415-644-5792.