4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying or Renting Temporary Power Equipment in San Francisco

Temporary Power Equipment in San FranciscoSan Francisco is no stranger to power outages. Lightning, floods, and outdated transformers have been known to plunge entire neighborhoods into the dark.

You could light a few candles, hide under the covers, and hope your electricity will be restored by tomorrow. But that kind of wishful thinking carries severe consequences, exposing you to the elements and the health risks that come with living off the grid.

For a business, even an hour without electricity can result in substantial losses. The solution? Rent or buy temporary power equipment in San Francisco.

Read on to learn a few factors to consider when buying or renting a backup power system:

1. Are There Enough Outlets?

A backup power system is typically equipped with a limited number of outlets. The number of outlets determines the number of devices your equipment is able to power at one time.

Makeuseof.com suggests taking stock of your essential devices. For example, in your home or a small business, this would mean keeping your router and modem plugged in so your systems stay online.

Larger businesses will have far greater needs. You might have to do a full inventory of essential devices before shopping for temporary power equipment.

2. Got the Power?

It’s not just about outlets; it’s also about wattage. If your backup power system doesn’t have enough wattage to keep your devices up and running, you’re out of luck.

To find out how much power your essential equipment uses, we recommend investing in a wattmeter to get an accurate reading.

3. Battery Life

Do you just need a few minutes of power to save and back up vital information on your computer, or do you need hours so you can keep working when the lights go out? Assessing your needs will help you decide exactly which system will work best for you.

4. Extra Features

Although you shouldn’t get oversold on features that you don’t need, there are a few add-ons that can actually make your emergency power system more functional and efficient. These include:

  • USB ports to connect and charge your mobile devices;
  • Battery notification to let you know exactly how much charge you have left; and
  • Swappable batteries for extra juice for longer outages.

Want to Buy or Rent a Backup Power System in San Francisco?

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