Dry Ice Brick Cleaning San Francisco, Marin , Sonoma County

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Dry Ice Brick Cleaning San Francisco, Marin , Sonoma County

Having exposed brick in your home or retail space has gained popularity over the past few years. Original brick can give any space a cozy, inviting feel. Whether you’re renovating a property or updating your home, it’s important to find a way to efficiently and effectively clean and restore exposed brick. In this article we’ll go over some important things to know about cleaning bricks, and why brick should be cleaned with dry ice.

About Brick

Unlike other more solid building materials, brick is porous and can be delicate, soft, or even brittle. Brick is known for being inconsistent, especially in older buildings, so it’s important to use a cleaning method that will be effective, but gentle enough to prevent soft or brittle bricks from being damaged. The porosity of brick also means that it may absorb particulate from both sides of the wall, which can lead to accumulation of dirt and dust in and on the brick. The texture of the brick can also catch and trap dust, so it’s important to thoroughly clean exposed brick to avoid unsightly and unhygienic dust buildup.

Another issue that people face while renovating or restoring brick is removing things like paint and tar from the brick in their space. Most people prefer to have the original brick without paint, but removing the paint with harsh chemicals may damage the brick and leave a lingering smell. This is why blast cleaning is regarded as the best method for cleaning and restoring brick. However, some blast cleaners use highly abrasive substances that can damage brick and leave lots of dust and debris in addition to anything that comes off of the brick.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Benefits

Blast cleaning is one of the most effective methods of cleaning brick. Unfortunately, lots of methods usually use harsh products like sand, plastic pellets, or small pieces of shell while cleaning a surface. Bricks are delicate, and the harsh and highly abrasive cleaning agents used in blast cleaning can erode and damage the beautiful brick that you’re trying to restore. Unlike the harsher agents used in blast cleaning, dry ice blast cleaning is the most efficient and safe for cleaning brick. Dry ice pellets are softer and more gentle than other mediums like sand, plastic pellets, or pieces of shell. Blast cleaning with dry ice doesn’t leave behind any additional residue because the pellets evaporate upon contact with the surface. Dry ice blast cleaning works by flash freezing and dislodging anything on the surface of the brick without causing any unnecessary damage. Dry ice is minimally abrasive yet extremely effective for removing dust, dirt, paint or tar from brick surfaces.

If you’re interested in cleaning and restoring brick with dry ice blast cleaning, we offer the option of renting dry ice blasting equipment in addition to connecting clients with professionals in the dry ice blast cleaning field. We believe that dry ice blast cleaning is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning and restoring brick, and we believe that our clients should be connected with the best equipment and dry ice blast cleaning services available. Please contact us if you’re interested in using the cleanest, most effective method of blast cleaning for your brick related needs.