Gasoline Power Generators

Before you can determine what power generator you need for your business, it is helpful to know the types of generators that are available. Different types of power generators function in different ways and they serve different purposes, so before you go out renting the first power generator you see, it is helpful to have some background information on the types of power generators available to you for your business needs.

Gasoline Power Generators

The most common power generator that you will find on the rental market is a gasoline power generator. As the name suggests, gasoline power generators run on gasoline. These are so common because gasoline is easy to get. All you have to do is go to your nearest gas station and fill up your portable gas tank.

Because gasoline power generators are so common, they are also often the cheapest option when it comes to renting. It is helpful to keep in mind that when renting a gasoline power generator you should have an extra supply of gasoline on hand even if the generator comes to you full. This will keep you going in the event of a power outage while you are renting the generator and you need more fuel. If the power is out, gas pumps will not work so be prepared when you go to rent a gasoline power generator.

Another thing to keep in mind about gasoline power generators is that they are most handy for smaller projects. This is because the longer you run the generator, the more gasoline you will need, so if you are renting the power generator for several months, your gasoline bill may be high. A gasoline power generator is great for small businesses and projects lasting a short amount of time.

Diesel Fuel Power Generators

The second most common power generator available to rent is a diesel fuel power generator. Again, as the name suggests, these power generators run on diesel fuel. Diesel can be found at most gas stations so this is easy to get. Diesel fuel lasts longer than regular gasoline so these power generators are perfect for long term projects that require a power generator.

When a diesel fuel power generator is properly maintained, it is durable and has a long lifespan. If you plan on working on a construction site for several months, the diesel fuel generator will be the power generator you need. Of course, it is the rental company’s responsibility to keep up with the maintenance of their power generators, so feel free to ask about the service records of any power generator you are looking to rent for an extended period of time.

Renting the Correct Power Generator

These are just two of the numerous options of power generators that are available for you to rent. When you find yourself asking what power generator do I need, it makes sense to turn to those most knowledgeable about the subject. Turning to Allied Rental Company is the best thing to do when you are looking to rent a power generator. No matter what size the job is that you need to complete, we have a power generator that is perfect for you.