Removing Cigarette Smoke

Removing Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke carries a strong smell and can penetrate surfaces within a home, leaving a lingering, unpleasant smell in addition to stains from nicotine and ash. Whether you are interested in renovating a space with damage caused by cigarette smoke, or if you’ve quit smoking and want to remove cigarette smoke from a room or home, choosing the best method of smoke removal is an important step in ensuring the success of your project. In this article, we’ll explore why dry ice blast cleaning is the best method for removing cigarette smoke from a home.

Smoke Removal Options

Cigarette smoke can seep into porous surfaces like drywall or brick, leaving a strong smell in addition to color damage from nicotine and tar. There are many methods of cleaning and removing cigarette smoke from the walls in a home, however many are ineffective in actual smoke removal from surfaces. Sometimes, methods of smoke removal only cover the smell or discoloration instead of actually removing the cigarette smoke from walls and surfaces. That’s why we recommend dry ice blast cleaning for projects involving the removal of cigarette smoke and smoke-related damage.

Dry ice blast cleaning uses small, rice-sized pellets of dry ice to freeze and remove contaminants from a surface. The dry ice pellets are quickly dispensed from a jet nozzle using compressed air. Upon contact with the surface, the dry ice pellets freeze anything on the surface while evaporating into carbon dioxide gas, which aids in removing contaminants from the surface. Dry ice pellets are softer and more gentle than other mediums like sand, plastic pellets, or glass balls. Blast cleaning with dry ice doesn’t leave behind any additional residue because the pellets evaporate immediately upon contact with the surface. Dry ice blast cleaning works by flash freezing and dislodging anything from a surface without causing any unnecessary damage. Dry ice is minimally abrasive yet extremely effective for removing cigarette smoke, tar, and ash from any surface.

Damage to surfaces caused by cigarette smoke is similar to smoke and char damage as a result of a fire. Because dry ice blast cleaning is so effective in removing smoke and ash from surfaces, it is commonly used to restore rooms and building that have been damaged in fires. In this case, the dry ice pellets remove smoke and char from wood and other surfaces. Dry ice blasting is the best method for removing cigarette smoke from surfaces in your home.

If you’re interested in removing cigarette smoke from your home with dry ice blast cleaning, we offer the option of renting dry ice blasting equipment in addition to connecting clients with professionals in the dry ice blast cleaning field. We believe that dry ice blast cleaning is the most effective and efficient method of removing cigarette smoke from surfaces, and we believe that our clients should be connected with the best equipment and dry ice blast cleaning services available. Please contact us if you’re interested in using the cleanest, most effective method of blast cleaning for removing cigarette smoke from any surface.