What Fuel Can You Use to Power Temporary Heating Systems in San Francisco?

If you’re searching for temporary heating equipment Temporary Heating Systems in San Franciscoin San Francisco, you may have noticed that there are dozens of companies vying for your business, and there are countless systems to choose from. Although a low price tag might be attractive, it’s important to remember that choosing the wrong heating equipment could cost you a small fortune in the long run due to over-consumption of power and the constant need for repairs. A cheap unit also might not be able to achieve the level of comfort that you’re after.

At the heart of picking the perfect temporary heating equipment in San Francisco is choosing a unit that uses the right fuel for your needs. To simplify your search, this blog outlines the differences between emergency heating systems powered by oil, gas, propane, and electricity:

1. Oil

Oil was once a cost-effective method of heating your home. But skyrocketing prices have led to this fossil fuel quickly falling out of favor.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, oil prices have more than doubled from $10.31 per million British thermal units (BTUs) to more than $25 per million BTUs. That’s why most homeowners have steered clear of the once-popular fuel, with just 6 percent opting to heat their homes with heating oil.

Verdict: skip it.

2. Propane

It’s a relatively clean fuel that comes at a heavy cost. According to BT Quarterly, propane has a typical efficiency rating of around 90 percent compared to the maximum efficiency rating of 82 percent achieved by its closest competitor.

This means that only 10 percent of the heat escapes during the heating process. But the cost of propane has been steadily on the rise, and while it is still replacing oil, propane is too expensive for most households to consider.

Verdict: a great option if you are looking to minimize wastage and can afford the added cost.

3. Electricity

More than one-third of American homes make use of electrical heating. And when you start adding up the costs, it’s clear why.

However, many of those same households complain that electric heat isn’t nearly as efficient as other fuels.

Verdict: a great low-cost option that is available in every part of San Francisco that is connected to the electrical grid.

4. Natural Gas

This is the most popular heating option in the country, with almost half of all homes using natural gas as their primary heating source. With huge supplies of the fuel forecasted to be available for decades to come, and at a relatively low price point, it is also a future-proof method of keeping your home warm.

Verdict: while not the most efficient fuel, it is still far cheaper to heat your home with natural gas than any other resource.

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