How to Find the Best Emergency Cooling Equipment in San Francisco

Emergency Cooling Equipment in San FranciscoFrom condenser coils to split ducts to filters to refrigerant, shopping for a replacement AC can feel like deciphering hieroglyphics. And you don’t want to to joust with that level of jargon if stepping into your home or office feels like you’ve just opened the door of your convection oven.

You might be thinking of gritting your teeth, shelving the research, and saving the money, but forgoing emergency cooling equipment could turn into a health hazard. According to Mayo Clinic, prolonged exposure to hot conditions often leads to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Here’s the good news: we’ve assembled a quick-and-easy guide to picking out temporary cooling equipment in San Francisco. Let’s get started:

1. Size It Up

How big is the space you want to cool? This is the most important question you should ask before comparing AC systems.

If you buy or rent temporary cooling equipment that’s too small, you’ll have a big hunk of metallic deadweight purring in a tepid corner of your home. On the flipside, opting for a gargantuan system designed for a warehouse will cool your space down too quickly, leaving the air icy-cold and clammy.

Use this calculator to determine your needs.

2. Make a Sound Decision

First-time buyers or renters rarely think about noise, but a thunderous system will keep you up longer than any sweaty night spent tossing and turning without AC. Our advice: prepare to shell out a little extra for a more silent system.

These tend to be economical, draining less power and saving you money in the long run.

3. Be Smart

More and more temporary cooling equipment companies are loading up on tech. Before you chalk off connecting your phone to your AC as a gimmick, bear in mind that being able to control your cooling system from anywhere at any time allows you to scale back usage in the long run.

Not only will this save you money, but it will also reduce wear and tear.

4. Change Modes

A feature-laden cooling system can provide unique modes to improve your quality of life, according to Consumer Reports. For example, in San Francisco, investing in emergency cooling equipment fixed with a dehumidifying function will allow you to filter out the moisture from the humid air.

The “sleep mode” setting will scale back usage while you’re sleeping, saving electricity and preventing you from waking up to teeth-clattering night chills when your body temperature drops.

Rent or Buy Emergency Cooling Equipment

Allied Rental Company will assess your cooling needs and help you choose an emergency cooling system that’s suitable for your space. Click here to compare emergency cooling equipment in San Francisco, or call us at 415-644-5792.