Mold Removal with Dry Ice San Francisco

Mold Removal with Dry Ice San Francisco

Benefits of Mold Removal with Dry Ice

An all too common problem for many home and business owners is the presence of mold, especially those in the northern hemisphere due to the presence of moisture and improper ventilation. Getting rid of mold can seem like an impossible task, and if not impossible extremely time consuming and somewhat hazardous.

Mold Removal Options

Traditional methods of removing mold include the use of harsh chemicals along with sand and/or soda blasting. The best thing to do is to try and prevent mold growth altogether by mitigating the moisture present indoors. Mold only grows when it lands on a surface with enough moisture to sustain the life of the mold. Once you have the issue of moisture under control, then it is recommended to get the mold removed. If you only remove the mold and do not fix the root problem of moisture, the mold will simply return.

With more traditional methods of mold remediation, cleaners will distribute spray chemicals and biocide without removing the mold itself. By leaving the mold behind, you are at higher risk of the mold growing in that same spot. Since much of the allergenic molds are airborne, even after cleaning and removal of mold, all porous materials (i.e. carpet, tile, drywall) will have to be removed and replaced since they cannot easily and effectively be cleaned in the same way other surfaces can and the mold is likely attached to those surfaces as well.

These traditional methods of mold remediation require an immense amount of time and effort due to the sanding, scraping, and spraying involved. Dry ice blasting has eliminated the need to use any manual sanding and scraping process. Dry ice blasting has been found to remove 99.9% of mold spores found in wood much faster than any other method of mold remediation.


Dry ice blasting is a chemical-free way to remove mold in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the labor. Since it uses no harsh chemicals, it is safe to use around people, the environment, and any other plants you may have in the area the mold is growing. Not only that, but it doesn’t create any secondary waste like sand or soda blasting does. Dry ice will simply sublimate after contact and then return to a gaseous state to reenter the atmosphere.

Mold is often found on ceilings and surfaces that could have exposed wiring, making it important to note that dry ice is a non-conductor. This means that there is no need to remove, de-energize, or cover writing. This allows for an ease of cleaning in ducts and HVAC equipment as well.

When used properly, in a well ventilated space and following the manufacturer’s guidelines, dry ice can be a safe and time efficient way to permanently remove mold from any space. It can be used to reach tight areas and will remove mold in its entirety to help prevent regrowth. Using dry ice will ensure the complete mold spore removal from all wooden surfaces without harsh chemicals or excess residue and clean-up.