What size tent do you need for your event?

Outdoor events can provide a great atmosphere for a work conference, wedding or party. The outdoor setting can allow for a more relaxed setting that can also provide flexibility in the number of guests if the tent is open. It can also allow guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoors whether that be a beautiful, sunny afternoon or a cool, breezy starlit evening.

But what happens if those clear skies become cloudy and your guests find themselves stuck out in the rain? Worrying about what Mother Nature has in store can create a lot of stress unless you are prepared with the appropriate-sized tent for your event.

Choosing the Right Size Tent

Finding the right tent size for your event is important and requires more than just a headcount. Here are a few factors to consider when renting a tent:

  • Guest list: This is the most obvious detail to take into account when renting an outdoor tent. The number of guests along with the next factor will help determine how large the tent should be.
  • Configuration: How will your guests be seated? Do you need rows of chairs or tables and chairs surrounding a dance floor? Also be careful to allow space for a stage, buffet table, DJ booth and gift or raffle tables in order to allow for a large enough tent.
  • Venue Size: This detail is important as it may limit the size of tent you can actually rent. The general recommendation is to allow 10 feet around the perimeter of the tent that is free from buildings, walkways, trees or landscaping.
  • Surface of Venue: Larger tents are more securely staked into dirt or gravel. If the tent is being set on pavement, stakes need to be weighed down with barrels or sandbags and the size of the tent may need to be considered as a larger tent could be difficult to properly support on pavement.
  • Weather: If you’re fairly certain your event will happen without any inclement weather then you may be able to get away with a smaller tent. However, if there is a chance for rain or high winds then is it important that you choose a tent large enough to comfortably accommodate your entire guest list with the sides enclosed to protect them from the elements.
  • Style: The look of the tent is important to supporting the type of event you’re planning. Simple canopy tents can provide a shady spot for gathering and create an open casual feel to the event while a more elaborate peak pole tent with enclosed walls can not only add a more formal elegance to the event but can also protect your guests from wind and rain and possibly even allow for climate control.

Regardless of your needs, there are experts in your area that can help guide you to the appropriate tent options for your commercial or private needs. Allied Rental Company in San Francisco, San Rafael, Petaluma and Marin has expert consultants who can coordinate with you to provide you with the equipment and accessories you need to plan your next outdoor event.