When Will Your Business Need an Emergency Response Plan?

When Will Your Business Need an Emergency Response Plan?

Emergency response plans are something to which the old colloquialism applies: You don’t need one until you do. Businesses need emergency response plans during disasters, blackouts and times of distress if — and most likely when — these times come.

It does not matter what size your business is. Whether you run your small business from your apartment or you own a multinational firm, you need to have a plan in place to respond to emergencies when they happen.

Your business will need an emergency response plan for the following times:

Natural Disaster

Although we may try to guess what the weather will be like, we are still at the mercy of the unpredictability of mother nature. Tornadoes, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms may strike at any time, and areas prone to extreme weather need to take extra caution when planning for natural disasters.

An emergency response plan for a natural disaster should include managing debris from destroyed buildings, first aid response, reducing any sort of leak or spill of chemicals resulting from the disaster and maintaining power throughout.


If there is a fire in your place of business, make sure that all employees and staff are safe. Safety is always the most important thing in any emergency, and there should be a clear protocol for keeping people out of danger.

Fires can do damage to the electrical systems of your business, so a generator will be necessary to keep things powered in the meantime while things can hopefully be repaired. Be sure to keep your generator and the diesel fuel powering it far away from flames and any flammable materials.

Loss of Power

It is common for individuals to panic when the power goes out. Things may become unsafe due to a loss of power in your business and you may also no longer be able to keep crucial parts of your business in operation.

You will need an emergency response plan for when there is a loss of power. Even though this may seem like a common occurrence, blackouts can sometimes last for extended periods of time. A generator should be a crucial part of that plan.

Other Events

There are several different situations that may arise that will warrant a quick and deliberate response, such as the outbreak of a disease, violence at the workplace and bomb threats. An emergency response plan will make it easier to make sure things are handled safely in stressful scenarios.

Allied Rental Will Help With Your Response Plan

Part of what is needed in most response plans is the supply of electricity. Having a diesel fueled generator like those found at Allied Rental can make the difference between a poor-and well-handled emergency.

We have generators for many different needs, whether you need to power a small business to a large warehouse. There is no emergency response plan that is complete without a generator, and we always will always keep your safety in mind.