Employee Comfort Equals Productivity

 Employee Comfort Equals Productivity

There’s always that one person in the office – the one person who always has their jacket on or even a blanket at their desk. Or there’s that guy who is always hot, no matter what season or temperature it is. It’s a scene most of us have witnessed in the workspace. The temperature in the workspace has been a subject of contempt for many people. It seems that almost no one is ever satisfied with the common temperature in the space, leaving workers unhappy and uncomfortable.

Why does productivity suffer?

Each person has a certain temperature that they operate best in. When that temperature fluctuates to a degree that becomes uncomfortable for us, that tends to become our one and only focus. If you have an office, you may be lucky enough to have your own thermostat to help control the temperature a bit, but if you’re working in a more general space, then you may be victim to the set temperature that the office manager sets. Sometimes these thermostats are even locked so no one messes with them!

Companies typically manage the temperature to not only set one generally, but to curb some cost on energy bills. For some people, when the temperature is not right, it can seriously impact their ability to be productive. Your worker becomes so preoccupied with making sure they’re comfortable, they may become distracted and make mistakes. These mistakes can take more time to fix and could even incur some cost for the company.

Ways to maximize employee comfort

When it comes down to it, optimum office temperature is a personal preference. Even OSHA doesn’t have a standard for what the standard office temperature should be, but they do recommend it anywhere from 68-76° F and humidity control in the range of 20%-60%. If you live in an especially humid area or if your building gets too humid when it rains, you might consider renting a dehumidifier to help improve office comfort. There are ways to ensure that despite what’s set, everyone can feel some sort of comfort.

More industrial locations, such as manufacturing plants or warehouses, are often subject to fluctuations in the weather. During an extreme heat or cold wave, your employee productivity can take a serious hit. To help prevent this, consider renting an industrial cooler or heater to help maintain a comfortable temperature in employee working areas.

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs but doing it in a way that inadvertently affects your workers is a problem. If you want to look into making a more comfortable workplace for your employees, contact Allied Rentals to discuss your climate control options.